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Breaking: FG Intend To Increase Petrol Price Again

Global News International



Breaking: FG Intend To Increase Petrol Price Again





Breaking: FG Intend To Increase Petrol Price Again





Global News International Reports That FG Intend To Increase Petrol Price Again






Global News International understands that the Group General Manager, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation, Mele Kyari, on Thursday said the Federal Government subsidises Premium Motor Spirit with about N120bn ($263.25m) monthly.




He said while the actual cost of importation and handling charges amounts to N234 per litre the government had been selling at N162 per litre, therefore, bearing the difference.


Kyari spoke at the weekly ministerial briefing at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

He said the NNPC could no longer afford to bear the cost, saying Nigerians would have to pay the actual cost sooner or later.


He argued that market forces must be allowed to determine the pump price of petrol in the country.



Although he claimed the nation was not in a subsidy regime, he said the government was trying to exit what he described as ‘under-priced sale of PMS’.


He said, “Today, NNPC is the sole importer of PMS. We are importing at market price and we are selling at N162 per litre today.


“Looking at the current market situation today, the actual price could have been anywhere between N211 and around N234 per litre.

“The meaning of this is that consumers are not paying for the full value of the PMS that we are consuming and therefore, someone is bearing that cost.

“As we speak today, the difference is being carried on the books of the NNPC and I can confirm to you that the NNPC may no longer be in the position to carry that burden and because we can longer afford to carry it on our books.




“As we speak today, I will not say we are in subsidy regime but we are in a situation where we are trying to exit this under-price sale of PMS until we come to terms with the full value of the product in the market.


“PMS sells across our borders anywhere around N300 per litre and in some places up to N500 to N550 per litre.


“Our current consumption is evacuation from the depots about 60 million litres per day; we are selling at N162 to the litre, and the current market price is around N234, the actual market price today.


“So, the difference between the two, multiplied by 60 million x 30 will give you per month. I don’t have the numbers now. This is simple arithmetic that we can do but if you want exact from our books, I do not have it at this moment but it is somewhere between N100bn and N120bn per month. I don’t have the exact number.”


The NNPC boss explained that upon full implementation of deregulation, he expected that all oil marketing companies would commence import, thereby lifting the import burden off the corporation.


He said once that was done, the Direct Sale-Direct Purchase programme would end automatically because market forces would then determine import and export.


Admitting that access to foreign exchange was one of the major reasons why oil marketing companies had not started importing, Kyari said work was ongoing on this in conjunction with the Central Bank of Nigeria.


As soon as the issue was sorted out, he said, oil marketing companies would also resume the import of petroleum products.


Answering questions on the two agreements between Nigeria and the Niger Republic for the importation of petrol from the neighbouring country to Nigeria, the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources, Timipre Sylva, explained that it was a way to boost trade between the two countries.


He said Nigeria wanted to legalise the thriving illegal petroleum products sale already going on between the countries.


The minister said, “You know that Niger is a smaller country and Nigeria is more experienced in oil exploration than most countries in Africa. You find out that most of these countries have these constraints.

“Although, we have this agreement with Niger they have a constraint on how to deliver on it to this country because of the contract they have with the Chinese.

“So, if we realise that they have constraints we can change. The whole idea is that Niger has 20,000 BPD which is even bigger than their consumption.

“There is already illegal trading going on between Nigeria and Niger. So, what we want to do is to see how we can legalise it.

“We want to begin to create a business with our neighbours. This is what ECOWAS and AU are trying to encourage. That is inter-regional trade and begin to trade among ourselves.”

Sylva also said the process of awarding marginal oil field licences had been completed.

He said the 161 bid winners had been notified and that 50 per cent of them had paid the signature bonuses.

He explained, “The process has been completed and there were 161 winning bids and they have been notified and we have started receiving signature bonuses paid by the winners.


“At least, from the last account report I got from DPR, almost 50 per cent of the winners have paid. What we are expecting from the whole process is about $600 million and of course, we have also given an allowance for people to pay in naira so you have to pick which currency to pay in – in naira or dollars.

“So, at this point, we cannot give any figure in any currency (referring to how much is paid so far) but just to tell you that payments have been encouraging and they have up to April 20 to pay.”

On the Petroleum Industry Bill pending before the National Assembly, Sylvia said he had received assurances from the federal lawmakers that it would be passed into law in April.

He also justified planned rehabilitation of the Port Harcourt Refinery, saying the Federal Government remained committed to its promise to deliver functional refineries to Nigerians in due time.





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Joshua Iginla Pens President Tinubu An Open Letter 

Global News International




Joshua Iginla Pens President Tinubu An Open Letter








Joshua Iginla Pens President Tinubu An Open Letter 



Global News International Reports That Of a truth, according to Daniel 2: 21, it is God who controls the course of world events; He removes kings and sets up other kings. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the scholars.
























On this note, I heartily congratulate Your Excellency for emerging victorious in the most keenly contested presidential election since the return to democracy in Nigeria. Your emergence is a divine mandate ordained by God as revealed to me by God several times and which is all over the public domain.



























As you take charge of steering the destiny of the nation in these challenging times in various spheres of the lives of Nigerians, may God Almighty endow you with all the necessary tools, good health, and wisdom to enable you to lead the nation into greatness in all ramifications.
































His Excellency sir, I write this open letter to you not only as a prophet of God but as an authority who has a degree in Political Science and a Master’s in international Law and Diplomacy to be objectively ready to tackle Nigeria’s greatest challenge of insecurity, widespread corruption, and a general sense of dissatisfaction among citizens and as well, meet the expectation of the people.


























I call on you to tackle the problem by unifying the country and solving major socio-economic, religious, and ethnic problems confronting the country as a father of the nation.




































I want to remind you that Nigeria is a heterogeneous country battling crises of insecurity, kidnapping, and extreme poverty.
























Since no one will expect you to tackle all the crises at once, Nigerians will be expecting you to dedicate your administration to genuine renewal work, at least to let Nigerians see and feel the difference, however little.




















As a unifier, don’t step out as a vindictive leader. Rather, bring all warring parties on board to objectively discuss the way forward to a better Nigeria.




























It is an open secret that Nigerians are yearning for good governance as past administrations have left an open sore in the hearts of the citizens with bad governance and broken electoral promises. His Excellency sir, I am very sure you are aware of the loopholes of these past administrations which I believe should be your target.



















Addressing loopholes is not tantamount to fighting the past; rather, it means you should learn from the past administration, which, of course, you’re part of, to address the crises now for a better Nigeria.




















It is not too much to say that you have a lot to do to convince huge numbers of the youth who have shown dissatisfaction with the performance of your party in the past eight years.
































Also, I want to plead on behalf of Nigerians and that is, you should do anything in your capacity to end the insecurity that is ravaging our country. The hydra-headed menace has undermined the propensity of our beloved country for progress.



















No country develops in chaos. That is why you should, as the first step to renewing the hope of a country long trapped in hopelessness, pay attention to its security situation and not play politics with the appointment of service chiefs.












Aside from that, it is obvious that Nigerians voted on their religious and ethnic affiliations, rather than on the policies and qualifications of the candidates.


His Excellency, I salute your capacity to put up with criticism from religious leaders. However, I urge you to exercise patience, wisdom, and tolerance with religious leaders be they pastors or Imams, and treat them with respect.


Any leader that witch-hunts religious leaders are digging a pit for his downfall. Personally, when I see the persecution of religious leaders, I speak up. I will not keep quiet. As a unifier, I beseech your administration to handle their issues with wisdom and preserve national harmony.


Also, as a unifier, I will appeal and suggest that His Excellency should forgive and release Nnamdi Kanu.








Furthermore, as a barrier breaker and a line crosser, I beseech you to implement your objective which is to foster a new society based on shared prosperity, tolerance, compassion, and the unwavering commitment to treating each citizen with equal respect and due regard.
















I want to remind you of your 10-point agenda which formed your manifesto during the campaign:
















1. Build a Nigeria, especially for our youth, where sufficient jobs with decent wages create a better life.








2. Manufacture, create, and invent more of the goods and services we require. Nigeria shall be known as a nation of creators, not just of consumers.








3. Export more and import less, strengthening both the naira and our way of life.








4. Continue assisting our ever-toiling farmers, through enlightened agricultural policy that promotes productivity and assures decent incomes, so that farmers can support their families and feed the nation.








5. Modernise and expand public infrastructure so that the rest of the economy can grow at an optimal rate.








6. Embolden and support our young people and women by harnessing emerging sectors such as the digital economy, entertainment and culture, tourism, and others to build the Nigeria of tomorrow, today.








7. Train and give economic opportunity to the poorest and most vulnerable among us. We seek a Nigeria where no parent is compelled to send a child to bed hungry, worried whether tomorrow shall bring food.








8. Generate, transmit, and distribute sufficient, affordable electricity to give our people the requisite power to enlighten their lives, homes, and dreams.








9. Make basic healthcare, education, and housing accessible and affordable for all.








10. And, most importantly, establish a bold and assertive policy that will create a strong yet adaptive national security architecture and action to obliterate terror, kidnapping, banditry, and all other forms of violent extremism from the face of our nation.








His Excellency sir, as a prophetic voice to nations who stood out as a lone voice of truth in the wilderness to declare your emergence as revealed by God since 2021, I will stand as a watchman to ensure you don’t derail in your God-given assignment and if you do, I will not hesitate to pen you an open letter like this to guide, correct and rebuke if necessary.


May God Almighty support your administration for the desired growth for Nigeria.

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Why Borno Former LG Chairmen Forum Visited Buratai

Global News International




Why Borno Former LG Chairmen Forum Visited Buratai

Why Borno Former LG Chairmen Forum Visited Buratai 









Global News Reports John Quincy Adams once said, “If your actions inspire others to dream, learn, do more, and become more, you are a leader. “This aptly described the growing influence of the legendary acts of Ambassador Lt Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai (CFR) as members of the forum of all Ex-Local Government chairmen of Borno state paid him a visit at his prestigious Tukur and Tukur’s farm Located at Gora in Karu local government area in Nasarawa State, about 40 kilometers from the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) along the Abuja-Keffi expressway on Wednesday, November 23rd, 2022.

















The forum led by their leader, Mallam Bulin Maumeri, stated that their mission was to appreciate Buratai for his immense effort in taming the insurgency in North East, especially Borno state under his leadership when he was the Chief of Army Staff. 










 According to the Forum, they confessed that before his emergence, the local governments in Borno became nonfunctional due to the fear of Boko Haram. But now all the local governments have become fully functional because of his giant strides in terminating the threat.










 Mallam Balin in his speech stated that the entire people of Borno state and particularly the forum are proud of him. They noted with great pleasure his numerous achievements in the course of his career as a GENERAL in the Nigerian Army and his selfless service to humanity. 










“The Forum warmly welcomes your resolve and entry into the political arena of Nigeria with your widely acknowledged sterling qualities and experience, more so, pitching your tent with our great party, APC. Our visit is to pledge our support and willingness to align with your political aspirations now and in the nearest future. We have very strong grips of the grassroots not just in Borno state but across the 774 LGAs in Nigeria. We, therefore, identify with you and offer our platform to build a Buratai Political Dynasty due to your outstanding honesty, humility, sagacity, intellectual capacity, and astuteness.”













Buratai in his speech appreciated them for honoring him. He called on the people of Borno and the Forum to support the APC candidates in the forthcoming election in 2023 with all available resources.













It would be recalled that the emergence of Lt. Gen. Tukur Yusufu Buratai as Nigeria’s Chief of Army Staff (COAS) and leader of the counter-insurgency operations was the turning point in the war against the insurgents who have literarily occupied large chunks of the Northern part of Nigeria. His colleagues in the Military celebrated his appointment because they knew he had the nerve, courage, and capacity to give Boko Haram terrorists a bloody nose.












And Buratai flaunts enviable credentials in such warfare. Sequel to his leadership of counter-insurgency operations, Gen. Buratai had carved a niche for himself as Commander of various military operations in the dreadful days of the Niger Delta militants and elsewhere. He also piloted affairs of the Multi-National Joint Task Force (MNJTF). He came to lead the counter-insurgency operations loaded like a volcano waiting to explode in the battle turf against terrorists.









Quite sensibly, the former Army Chief realized that he needed to raise a strong and professional Army from the decrepit soldiers he inherited. A philosopher, Confucius once cautioned that “To lead an untrained people to war is to throw them away.”










Therefore, Gen. Buratai quickly reformed the Nigerian and adequately prepared them through special training for the arduous national assignment. Sooner than later, the Nigerian Army was as fit as a fiddle to chivalrously face terrorists on the war front.













In a fresh and renewed confrontation with Boko Haram terrorists in the Northeast battlefields by the last quarter of 2015, the Nigerian troops led by Gen. Buratai rapidly began demolishing and consuming Boko Haram insurgents. Nigerian troops speedily gained ground against terrorists through astounding military exploits.















It manifested in the sustained scampering of Boko Haram terrorists through unwinding labyrinths and bush paths in the face of the mightier Nigerian troops. The rough, unmotorable and almost inaccessible terrain of the Northeast was a natural defense bulwark for the scared and fleeing terrorists. Insurgents resorted to the use of motorcycles to escape the wrath of soldiers.









The astute strategist, Buratai discovered that insurgents used motorcycles to shield themselves against a conclusive chase to their hideouts by Nigerian forces. He, therefore, countered the barrier, by introducing the squad by the name, “Motorbike Battalion.” He flooded the Northeast region with troops on motorbikes and escaping insurgents were chased by troops to their remotest hideouts and neutralized.













It took the General no time to decimate the formerly rampaging terrorists. Insurgents ostensibly became enfeebled by the strength and pressure mounted on them by Nigerian troops.










The leader of the counter-insurgency operations is an embodiment of innumerable war strategies and tactics. The nightmare of insurgents was further compounded with Buratai’s launch of the Special Strike Teams. He sometimes, joined his subordinate Commanders to train them personally. He unleashed the Special Strike Teams in different parts of the Northeast who were under strict orders to proactively assail insurgents.













Unrelenting, LT Gen. Buratai started expanding its military presence in the troubled Northeast region. He established a dozen Army Battalions and Forward Bases to make it easier for troops to respond to distress calls or emergencies in a flash.











And determined to make insurgents uncomfortable and protect the most vulnerable communities, he expediently established the 8 Division, Nigerian Army at Monguno to make coordination of smaller operational units of the “Operation Lafia Dole” more convenient and effective.











To frighten terrorists, Buratai personally led troops into the trenches fighting and howling out directives in the heat of battle. Buratai’s physical presence in the trenches and frontlines was a big blow to the psyche of terrorists whose plans were instantly dissolved at the frontlines during fierce battles with troops. It was a psychological wreck on insurgents and their warfare plans. But it boosted the morale of troops and all Nigerian territories seized and occupied by insurgents were reclaimed in a jiffy.











The fall of the Sambisa forest in 2016, was a new dawn in counter-insurgency operations. The remnants of terrorists rather became too scared of their shadows. They took to hiding to escape the viciousness of the Nigerian Army. It was daybreak for Boko Haram factional leader, Abubakar Shekau who had to disguise himself as a woman, dressed in a black hijab to escape the Northeast into Cameroon.



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Bukola Akin-Akindoju Graduates from Sheffield UK

Global News International




Bukola Akin-Akindoju Graduates from Sheffield UK

Double Celebration As the daughter of Seliat International School Founder, Bukola Akin-Akindoju Graduates from Sheffield UK

“Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Global News Reports That Of a truth, Education is the best legacy a parent can ever give a ward on this earth. Money enhances life but doesn’t determine life because money is always on an errand. This aptly describes the joy of the Founders of the prestigious Seliat International School, Otunba Seliat Akin-Akindoju whose delectable daughter, Bukola Akin-Akindoju graduated with flying colors with a Master of Science in International Business Management, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield United Kingdom.

Bukola Akin-Akindoju Graduates from Sheffield UK

Interestingly, it’s a double celebration for Bukola Akin-Akindoju, celebrating her birthday today.

The delighted father who could not hold back his joy described her as a bundle of joy and an achiever. “You are an achiever. You have made us all proud; keep up the good work. From when you were a child until today, you have only given us reason to hold our heads up in pride. Congratulations on graduating my beautiful daughter. More wins by God’s grace”

Bukola Akin-Akindoju Graduates from Sheffield UK



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