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Alleged Defamation: Court Orders Doctor To Appear Before It In Buratai Versus Danshagamu’s Case

Alleged Defamation: Court Orders Doctor To Appear Before It In Buratai  Versus Danshagamu’s Case












Global News Unveils That a court in Kano has ordered a doctor that conducted a mental disorder test on a suspect to appear before the court for an explanation. The Judge gave the order in the case of Yusuf Burutai vs Ibrahim Danshagamu.







Alleged Defamation: Court Orders Doctor To Appear Before It In Buratai Versus Danshagamu's Case





The presiding Judge of court number 25, Halima Wali, ordered the doctor that examined the alleged mental disorder of a man named Ibrahim Danshagamu to appear before her.














Yusuf Burutai filed a case of defamation against Ibrahim for publishing a falsified video alleging that Burutai owns several petrol stations in Kano. At first, the court remanded the charged person at a correctional centre. The accused was arraigned later in the court for bail.














Barrister Husaini Maqari, the Defense Lawyer in his interview with Freedom Radio after the court session, said; “Well, the case was filed after the video was published alleging that General Burutai has more than 60 petrol stations in Kano state. The published video also blamed (Burutai) for extorting money allocated to buy weapons to fight terrorism in Maiduguri”.













The Defense lawyer also added that; “Doctors from Malam Aminu Kano’s hospital have brought a document showing that the charged person has a mental disorder. They narrated that he once divorced his five wives and since when he was a child he had signs of a mental disorder. However, the terms used in the report presented before the court are complicated that was why the Judge ordered the doctor who wrote the report to come to the court for clarification”.














In today’s court session, a report of the mental disorder test of the charged person was presented before the court as ordered by the court. The court collected the report and ordered that the doctor who did the test should appear before the court on February 8, 2022.














The court also granted bail to the accused on the condition of one surety with the sum of 50 thousand nairas.

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