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I Do Not Admire Tinubu Because He’s A Saint, But Because He Saved Nigeria – Wole Soyinka

The rights group says Soyinka got It Mistakened on TB Joshua's trial.

I Do Not Admire Tinubu Because He’s A Saint, But Because He Saved Nigeria – Wole Soyinka


















Global News Reports That The Nigerian Famous Poet and Playwright, Wole Soyinka stated some facts about the Flag Bearer of All Progressive Congress ( APC ). He said “I don’t admire Tinubu because he is a saint; that is not the case. I don’t respect Tinubu since he’s from the south. I don’t appreciate Tinubu because he’s Yoruba. If I want saints, I’ll go to heaven not here on earth. Everyone is imperfect. I admire Tinubu for preventing Nigeria from turning into a “one party state” His advice has been helpful to numerous distinguished National successors.







I Do Not Admire Tinubu Because He's A Saint, But Because He Saved Nigeria - Wole Soyinka














When it counted most, he abandoned his own objective by paying attention to the crowd’s cries. He was able to successfully cease the PDP 60 years of life spam in 16 years. We are now free to take pleasure in the vehement criticism and criticism because Tinubu linked himself with the people to give them back control of the government. Despite having the option to join the PDP elites and hold us slaves for a another ten years, Tinubu gave everything he had to the common people in order to topple the elites.
















Newcomers to politics believed that the North’s votes aided the APC’s victory. No, the APC victory was guaranteed as soon as PMB and Asiwaju chose to work together. Meeting everyone who could help save Nigeria brought Asiwaju and PMB perilously close to becoming nomads. Later, we found relief from those wandering Almajiri hikes. With God’s blessing, PMB will shortly begin serving as president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Any effort to denigrate Asiwaju by a cabal or a proponent of Viju milk must involve me. The ordinary PDP member is angry with Asiwaju for making them submit.
















Anyone who thinks that Asiwaju’s failure is the result of their endeavor would not only fail, but it will also backfire. No matter how overbearing you may find him to be, your “underbearing” mentors were nowhere to be found when this country was critically ill and receiving treatment from the universe’s intensive care unit. As I indicated in my introduction, Asiwaju is not a saint. Stop disparaging what you love out of envy. Even your mentor admires him.
















Lagos is his to own. You have my whole attention. You should speak with your forefathers to learn how they came to own your so-called “family land.” They received it from God.















You frighten your neighbors and your community with your kpof-kpof kobo while criticizing a man who is innately drawn to technocrats, regardless of his tribe or faith. Hmmmmm. As I mentioned previously, Asiwaju does not hold any political office. Please provide him some room.


















Despite what you might believe, we need him more than your religious species. Nigerians must understand that the beautiful stride of a tiger does not indicate timidity.


















If you regard me as a father, mentor, and more, I can tell you that Nigerians won’t regret electing Asiwaju as president.

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