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Lauretta Onochie- a mother at NDDC

Lauretta Onochie- a mother at NDDC

Lauretta Onochie- a mother at NDDC


The nomination of Lauretta Onochie as the board chairman of the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC), has been lauded by the Renaissance Youth Vanguard as a welcome development and placing a round peg in a round hole. In a release by the National Co-ordinator Gbolabo Ogunleye, he described the appointment as historic as this would be the first time a woman would be so appointed to head the board and noted that she would be coming onboard with the uniqueness of a mother with a natural heart of compassion to bring succor to the people of the Niger Delta.

Lauretta Onochie- a mother at NDDC


He expressed confidence in the ability of Lauretta Onochie to exert the natural frugality, judicious use of resources and discipline of a woman to bear on the activities of the NDDC which has many uncompleted projects all over the Niger Delta region, the completion of which would alleviate the infrastructural deficit and the suffering of the people of the region.




He further noted that She would be poised to for action as the head of the Commission and would be ready to justify her appointment by President Mohammadu Buhari for this office that would serve as a stepping stone for future opportunities. While pledging the support of the Youth of the Niger Delta, He also solicited for the co-operation and support of all the good people of the Niger Delta States and indeed Nigeria for her to succeed in office.

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