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Peter Obi – Nigerian Man Warns Pastors, Politicians Against Speaking..

We’ll Come And Kill You In Your House – Nigerian Man Warns Pastors, Politicians Against Speaking Against Labour Party’s Presidential Candidate, Peter Obi






Global News Reports That A middle-aged man, identified as Halinko Erameh, has vowed to mobilise hoodlums to attack and kill anyone who dares to speak against the former governor of Anambra State and presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), Peter Obi.



We’ll Come And Kill You In Your House – Man Warns Pastors, Politicians




Erameh whose 1 minute, 2 seconds video clip has gone viral on the internet threatened that he must fulfill his vow if anyone, politician, religious leader or whoever dared to insult Obi.







He noted that the same way Muslims saw it as a crime for anyone to blaspheme Prophet Muhammad and Allah, it had become a crime for anyone to speak against Obi.






Erameh, who spoke mostly in pidgin language said, “Nigerians, we have a message for you, if I catch anybody say anything against Peter Obi, personally I will organise guys who will come to your house and anything you see, you will take it.







“You understand what the Quran says. You don’t say anything against Prophet Muhammad, the Holy Quran or Allah. In the same vein, if you say anything against Peter Obi, we will come and kill you in your house. You have heard it now. Let it not be as we did not warn you all.







“If I catch you saying anything against Peter Obi, you de-market, whether yourself a pastor or anybody and you say anything against Peter Obi, anything you see, you take it. I believe you understand.







“We will organise people since you all have refused to respect yourselves, people like us believe in Peter Obi, you all will hear it. You are all mad! Ogun kill you.”







Meanwhile, Obi had on several occasions advised his supporters to desist from direct and indirect attacks on the persons of his opposition parties.







But the LP candidate had yet to react to Erameh’s violent threats at the time of filing this report.

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