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Police Declares Joseph Odaro Wanted

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Police Declares Joseph Odaro Wanted

Police Declares Joseph Odaro Wanted 







Global News Reports That Joseph Odaro is on the run as police declared him wanted.  The young man was among the jailbirds who were set free by protesters during the Endsars saga that rocked the country in 2020.








Odaro was declared wanted by the Nigerian government. He was among those who were set freed by endsars protesters on October 19th, 2020 from the Benin correctional centers, Sapele Road in Edo State.





Police Declares Joseph Odaro Wanted



In a report on how he was arrested and jailed, the narrative was that he got a job as a bus ticket salesman for a public transport company known as Akugbe ventures.











According to reports, he worked there in the company without a work contract or leave. 








 Part of his role was that he sold tickets to Quelle bus drivers (from 50 to 100 drivers per day) and on their return, the drivers had to give him the money corresponding to the number of tickets sold. 








In return, the company paid him at the end of each working day. Sadly, When returning from their journeys, some drivers did not want to pay him or did not return unsold tickets to him.  There were often more or less violent arguments or conflicts, sometimes 4 or 5 times a week. 








One day, in a fight, Mr. ODARO was hit with a bottle which left him with a  big scar on his arm.  Traumatized by this fight and this serious injury, Mr. ODERO, who felt in danger, took a firearm made in Nigeria, relatively small that he could slip into his pocket.  










Sadly, a  new fight occurred in 2017 when a driver did not want to pay him. Mr. ODARO tried to block his bus by standing in front of it, but the driver drove off.  Mr. Odaro then called a colleague from the next stop and took another bus to get there as well.  









This led to a big fight which later escalated: there were a dozen ticket sellers and the drivers were about twenty.  During the fight, Mr. ODARO drew his gun and shot it in the air without injuring anyone.  










The drivers caught him and dragged him to the police. Mr. ODARO was arrested because of this illegal weapon and consequently sent to jail because of a lack of money to defend himself during the trial. 


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